Snow Leopard HTML Signatures Wrinkle

Molecular Media has re-branded, and with this comes new HTML signatures. Most of our users are on a recent version of MacOS X, which has a fairly straightforward – but user hostile – method of adding HTML signatures. A couple, though, are holdouts on Snow Leopard due to Parallels not …

Technical Challenges of Migration

Since the last post, I’ve finished the migration of this site from Textpattern and Gallery to WordPress and Piwigo. Overall, the process went smoothly, but naturally there were some hitches. Once I figured out the Fidelity theme’s options and how content was chosen for its’ various components, I needed to …

Dang It’s Been a While

It’s been almost six years since I’ve posted here. For 2015, I’ve revamped the site. Both the theme and the back end are new. I’ve moved from the venerable Textpattern to WordPress for the CMS portion of the site. This was done for a couple of reasons: First, rebrands of …

Tampa Obama Rally

I went to the Tampa Obama Rally on 10-20-2008 at Legends George M. Steinbrenner field. I wanted to take some pictures, so I brought my long glass and a monopod. When the ticket folks saw me walking up, I was sent to the media table, and I was signed up …

Mark Granning Retires

Last week, I attended an awards ceremony for CATCOM, my alma-mater Lakewood High School’s magnet program for technology. CATCOM was started a couple of years after I graduated by Mark Granning, the teacher responsible for my success in media and technology. He retired at the end of the ceremony, handing …

LHS Band Video

Over the last month or so, I’ve been working on an archival project, putting all of my tape-based media on hard disk.

One of the gems I found was a VHS copy of the Lakewood High School Jazz Band and Wind Ensembles from 1989.

Click through to see the videos.

eMac LCD Conversion

Apple announced a warranty repair extension for the eMac when it shows no video! Since it was a refurb, I couldn’t verify against the serial numbers listed on the extension page, so I had to bring it in to the Genius Bar. They told me that my machine didn’t fall in the range. Crap.

Simeon Rice is a Mac User

Today I was at the International Plaza Genius Bar getting an estimate to repair an eMac I own whose analog board is giving up the ghost.

There’s about 10 people listed in the queue, and there’s one Genius helping people one at a time. About fifteen minutes into my wait time, a second Apple Genius comes striding out of the back room and walks toward the front of the store. He then comes back with a large, fit gentleman and a couple of friends.


After realizing some content was falling off the site due to article limits I placed on the listings in Textpattern, I added some navigational goodness.

Hell Month is Over

Maybe this month will be a little quieter, but I actually hope not – working so much doing things I love, in a manner that directly affects companies I have ownership in, is extremely gratifying.

Site Changes

My site style grabs a new image from my Gallery every hour to use in the header. In the past, I used a hacked version of the block_random.php from Gallery 1, which output what I needed to files which are then read in by the CSS. Unfortunately, the new random image block in Gallery2 doesn’t behave the same way.