Lakewood Centurion, 6-1990

This was the final issue I worked on as a senior. I have a few more to post from the year after I graduated.

What strikes me most about these papers is the content. The bleeding-edge technology was one thing, but most of the stories inside were written way above what you’d expect from a high school rag. A partial list of topics tackled includes sexual abuse, racism, sexism, pollution, censorship and alcoholism. There was thoughtful culture and sports reporting and local interest stories. This was a real paper, people!

I’ve not seen the Centurion since, as I live in Hillsborough county, but I hope it’s still as quantifiably good.

Here’s the 6-1990 Lakewood High School Centurion. The file is around 90MB, so the viewer may take a moment to show up.


Download Lakewood Centurion 6-1990 (Right-Click)

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