Lakewood Centurion, 4-1990

Let’s talk technology. When these newspapers were published, they were done so with brand-new desktop publishing technology – to a point.

In 1986/87, the typesetting was done mostly in headlines and columns, which was then was physically pasted-up on boards using hot wax. The black and white photos were developed in-house, and then affixed to the boards. I believe our printer did the photo screening for us, but I can’t remember. I know the color pages – the cover and doubletruck – had separations done by our printer, and spot colors were taped in by hand.

By 1988 and 1989 the Centurion was one of the first high schools in the area to move further toward a DTP model. We had probably ten or fifteen Mac Plus or Mac SE/30’s, all strung together with LocalTalk to a Laserwriter. Rudimentary WYSIWYG was done with Ready, Set, Go! and whole sections of each tabloid page were pasted up, since we didn’t have a tabloid-size printer. Aldus Freehand was the vector-drawing program we used, MacPaint was what we used for pixel graphics, and graphing was done in CricketGraph.

Here’s the 4-1990 Lakewood High School Centurion. The file is around 75MB, so the viewer may take a moment to show up.


Download Lakewood Centurion 4-1990 (Right-Click)

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