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A Rose is a Rose

In Sonoma, they use roses and many other plants to bring in insects which are good for grape production. This particular rose was photographed outside the Benziger winery.

Chicago, 2004

A long-exposure night shot of the Marina Towers in Chicago. I like the way the clouds turned out in this picture, and in other pictures in this series.

Colorado Springs, 2004

This is the campus of The Broadmoor, a fantastic hotel at the base of Pike’s Peak. This place was absolutely beautiful. Too bad we were only there for a few days, and working, to boot.

Smoking Section, Santa Monica Pier

My friend, Jeff Polly, demonstrating the largesse California is willing to show cigarette smokers in public areas. I’m an ex-smoker myself, courtesy of this treatment, so I can laugh at both sides. I think this solution is a bit extreme though. Can you imagine a group of twenty or so …

Louis and Me in Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, March 13th 2004. This was a really beautiful place. The snow was thawing, creating many streamlets all over the property. I tripped and almost impaled myself on a piece of rebar. Good stuff.

A New Look…

Well, I’ve finally taken the plunge and revamped the site for the first time in, er, at least a year. Notably, the picture above, which smears in four directions, is chosen randomly from my gallery, and then munged around with php and its’ gd extensions to pick a random square …