A New Look…

Well, I’ve finally taken the plunge and revamped the site for the first time in, er, at least a year.

Notably, the picture above, which smears in four directions, is chosen randomly from my gallery, and then munged around with php and its’ gd extensions to pick a random square within the bounds of the photo, and to grab a 1px slice of each of the sides to smear with the appropriate CSS background-repeat property.

Also, I’ve begun using textpattern for my content management system. Previously, the site was written in VIm.

Hopefully the change to a CMS with ease-of-use will cause me to write more.

I still have to migrate some of the content from the old site and I still have to put some content in several sections. I’ve got a tiny bit of time over the next four days where I might get those things done.

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