What Tom Does All Day

I own part of Molecular Media, a production, staging and logistics company. We produce live events, provide staff, equipment and staging for these events, and schedule the logistics necessary to allow for consistent, problem-free event services.

Until 2003, I earned my living at Synchronized Communications, where I was the Senior Systems Architect.

Prior to Synchrocom, I worked at Cox Target Media, owners of Val-Pak Direct Marketing. I was at Val-Pak/CTM for about six years, during which I had been in the graphics department, the technical services department, the database group and lastly, the systems group.

Before Val-Pak, I was a video editor at Jack Eckerd Corporation – the corporate headquarters of Eckerd Drugs.

Shocker Group, Inc. is another company I own part of. This company was formed with a couple of friends from Marimark/Synchronized Communications, when we determined that we needed someplace to host all of our personal sites. At the same time, we realized that not only could we pay for our colocation hosting, but also provide a service more in-line with what small businesses need in shared or dedicated hosting.

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