Poynter Institute 3rd Street Journal 1990 Issue

This is a special Throwback Thursday, and the final newspaper I have from journalism classes 25 years ago.

High School students from all over the county were invited to the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg to create a newspaper over the course of a few days. There were writing and editing workshops, photography sessions, and the chance to use 600 and 1200dpi printers and do color scanning and separations in-house. This was a big deal for teens like us.

Here’s the 1990 Poynter Institute 3rd Street Journal. The file is around 150MB, so the viewer may take a moment to show up.


Download Poynter 3rd Street Journal 1990 (Right-Click)

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  • We did some amazing work at the Poynter with those students. For me as a teacher, this was one of the best of the Third Street Journals. Certainly, one of the most meaningful. It’s even more relevant today. Powerful stuff. That’s me in the photo with two students up in the right corner. Thanks for sharing this. It means a lot.


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