IE 5.2 Mac Is Teh Suxx0r

Yeah, it’s discontinued, but I had the need to boot my Titanium Powerbook back into 9.2 to see if the venerable MacSpeakerz was working incorrectly in Classic. Turns out it was working fine, but I was being a dork.

On a whim, I tried this site in Mac IE 5.2. It looked woeful.

Am I going to even try to fix it? Not a chance.

My advice to Mac OS users out there looking at this site (which, judging by my stats has been, oh, ONE person other than me in the last year): get Mac OS X and a real browser.

If you can’t upgrade to X, at least get an older version of a real browser.

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  • Hi Tom,

    In my web meanderings I came across your list of equipment, or as you called it, “items which are cluttering my existence”. I am assembling Peavey hardware to expand my vintage synthesizer setup. I’m a minor tinkerer as yourself, and enjoy music composition. Would you be interested in selling one of your Peavey DPM V3 rack synths? I own one now, and if the price is reasonable I could be a buyer of one of yours.

    I note that you say you have little momentum for disposal of your stuff. I do understand; I have a lot of “interesting” stuff too that has a nascent life if I would only revive it, as you do in your projects. Alas, there never seems the time. But music shakes me out of my lethargy, and I am enjoying reviving the Peavey equipment that I have. The V3 1U modules won’t remove much bulk from your pile, but perhaps my offer would appeal to you in an energetic moment?

    I’m enjoying your Blog.


    Al Underwood
    Arlington, VA


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