Great Party!

Well, the first annual Molecular Media holiday party was a rousing success. Thanks to everyone for showing up!

While packing up the detritus this morning, Adam Navage and I took a rough tally of the number of grills on premises. We estimate that there were at least nine charring apparatus running simultaneously. Given the type of devices, I estimate that this was several million BTU, a quantity we believe was visible from space.

While enough protein was cooked to feed several hundred, around 40 people showed up and put a great hurting on the animal products singed to perfection.

Many gallons of brewed and fermented beverages were also consumed, following the best-practices learned from years of stern tutelage at the feet of true substance abusers, you know who you are.

The gallery of abuse may be found here. People wishing to come by and pick up their left items may call or e-mail me for timing.

Left items include:

  • one red and white cooler, empty.
  • one blue and white cooler, contents:
    • several lemons and limes
    • one white dish
    • one container sesame seeds
  • one wooden bowl
  • two clear serving dishes
  • one white serving dish
  • one women’s jean jacket with joke buttons
  • one sippy-cup

So. Next year: more meat, more people, more fun!

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