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Over the last month or so, I’ve been working on an archival project, putting all of my tape-based media on hard disk.

One of the gems I found was a VHS copy of the Lakewood High School Jazz Band and Wind Ensembles from 1989.

I’ve cut the video up so each song is a file, and they are presented in the order they were on the tape.

I’ve got a mullet in these videos. See if you can spot Jerry Wood and Andrew White!

1989 Lakewood Jazz Band


“When You Wish Upon A Star”


“A Warm Fuzzy”

“Take Five”

“Maiden Voyage”

The 1989 Lakewood Jazz Band consisted of:

Paul Dobson – Director of Bands
Lara Thurn – Flute
Kyle Martin – Sax
Waynona Ashby – Sax
Melody Fagg – Sax
Rewa Smith – Sax
Eland Wilson – Sax
Kevin Johns – Trumpet
Robert Starling – Trumpet
Jason Oliver – Trumpet
Shawn Milam – Trumpet
Jerry Wood – Trumpet
Jon Anderson – Trumpet
Abe Dowdell – Trombone
Will Foutz – Trombone
George “Wesley” Jenkins – Drums
Buddy Snider – Percussion
Courtney Silva – Bass Keyboard
Tom Ierna – Keyboard

1989 Lakewood Wind Ensemble

“Big Jeff”

“Concerto Grosso #12”

“Two Grainger Melodies”

The 1989 Lakewood Wind Ensemble consisted of:

Paul Dobson – Director of Bands
Will Foutz – Trombone
Lara Thurn – Flute
Larona Moorehead – Clarinet
Coleen Robertson – Flute
D. Young – ?
Stephan Moise – ?
Abe Dowdell – Trombone
Latasha Washington – Clarinet
Christine Brotchie – Flute
Julie Dobson – Clarinet
Lisa Dobson – Clarinet
Leslie Poston – Clarinet
Courtney Silva – Clarinet
Kristine Buser – Flute
Rewa Smith – Clarinet
J. Smith – ?
Eland Wilson – Sax/Student Director
Steve Webel – ?
Bart Mucerino – Tuba
Melina McCall – Flute
Matt Fisher – Trumpet
Andrew White – Flute
Anitra Landers – Clarinet
Monica Landers – ?
Jonti Phillips – Flute
Leah McRae – Flute
Monica McCausland – Oboe
Crystal Wooden – ?
Christine Buser – Flute
Waynona Ashby – Clarinet
Jon Anderson – Trumpet
K. Williams – ?
Kyle Martin – Sax
Yurshawn McCree – Clarinet
Yasmine Smythe – Flute
Jason Oliver – Trumpet
Kevin Johns – Tuba
Tom Ierna – Trumpet, French Horn
Brian Mendenhall – Sax
Stefan Mohr – Percussion (Xylophone)
Jerry Wood – Trumpet

This list is obviously incomplete. Camera coverage wasn’t available for the entire band. The yearbook from this year shows a list of people in marching band, but does not list the wind ensemble separately. There was a large cross-pollination between wind ensemble and marching band, but it wasn’t a 1:1 match. If you come upon this post and notice omissions or errors in the lists above, leave me corrections in the comments.

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