Dang It’s Been a While

It’s been almost six years since I’ve posted here.

For 2015, I’ve revamped the site. Both the theme and the back end are new.

I’ve moved from the venerable Textpattern to WordPress for the CMS portion of the site. This was done for a couple of reasons: First, rebrands of Molecular Media and Habana Avenue were done by Big Sea, and they prefer WordPress. Secondly, WordPress seems to have a more active plugin and theme community. Image hosting will be split between local WordPress hosting for small albums or for theme graphics. For large galleries, I was using the Gallery Project, but that’s become abandonware, so I’m moving to Piwigo. I also publish most albums on my Flickr account, and some on my Facebook profile. Video hosting will be a combination of local hosting with WordPress embeds, and Vimeo or Youtube. I’m really not sure what I’m going to do about the iCloud hosted stuff, like my Photo Streams.

Migrating the content from Textpattern wasn’t terribly difficult, but being a completion-ist, I ended up hand-grooming all of the old posts to make sure that there were no dead links. I didn’t change any of the tense or content of the posts, much as I wanted to, so there’s definitely some less-than-current info back there. I’ve been getting disturbed by the trend of consolidation of my data into services, free or paid. I’m going to self-host more, and link things into Facebook and Twitter from here.

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