Site fixed, Face Broke.

Site Fixed

I spent a few hours Monday night to Tuesday morning to finally fix the layout of the site.

Many moons ago, I thought I had it fixed , but it turns out that I didn’t have the columns sticking to the bottom of the screen still.

After rigorous searching, I came upon a site with several NN4-safe three-column liquid layouts . I used a heavily-hacked version of the “B” layout.

In the process, I made it validated XHTML 1.0 Strict. This (of course) involved editing class files in Gallery because there’s markup in the frikken’ code. I sure hope Gallery 2 addresses this fully with the new templating system

Face Broke

On the last day of my trip to Cabo after the ATV tour , during the wee hours of the morning, I had to go to the restroom. So, I stumbled to the bathroom in my hotel room, did my business, and stumbled back. Except, instead of stumbling back out the door of the bathroom, I stumbled into the edge of the tub, taking my feet completely out from under me, in the pitch dark, to catch myself, WITH MY FACE.

After waking right the hell up, sinuses on fire, I rolled out of the tub and into the fetal position on the floor, holding my now-smashed visage. After about fifteen minutes of miscellaneous cursing and serious self-deprecation, I got a light on so I could see the damage. The skin on the bridge of my nose was split, and some wicked swelling was beginning to form on my right eye.

Ice, washcloth, resting prone and awake for an hour to make sure I had no concussion, and then ice in the washcloth on the face sleeping until about 7:30am. Then I called the on-call doctor who came to examine me. Neither my nose, nor any bones were broken. I was very lucky. As if I wasn’t ugly enough already:

Bruised Face Pictures

(Pictures taken by Alyssa and Nicholas. It looks much worse now that the bruising is complete.)

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