Lose Fat, Not Faith

About 15 years ago, I was a part-time college student living in a rental property owned by my father. To help offset the cost of renting from him, I sublet to several different good friends at different times.

Jeremy was one of my closest friends from that time, the both of us deep into the Commodore 64. From 1986 to 1990 we created countless intro and demo screens for various groups in the scene.

Jay moved in to my place and we acted our age, with plenty of parties, drinking, drugs and sex. What was supposed to be a fun time in our lives was a blurry combination of highs and lows, sheer exuberance and opaque angst.

The two of us shared a lot of common traits – love for computers, low self-esteem, social awkwardness. Unfortunately, Jeremy’s physiological makeup was different than mine, and while I’m just now showing signs of a slowing metabolism, Jay put on lots of weight eating the junk food diet that most people at that age subsist on.

When Jeremy left for a new job in Atlanta, he was at the lowest point I’d ever seen him at.

Thankfully, Jay completely overcame all of his problems. He’s now successful in business, confident in self and physically transformed. Not only has he turned his own life around, but he found a love for helping others; he is literally a role model for people who feel lost to themselves.

Recently, Jeremy moved back to Florida – a completely different person physically, and changed mentally in perspective and attitude. He’s still a funny, intelligent person, but now he’s not angry at himself and he’s found his faith.

We met for dinner a couple of weeks ago, and he showed me his book. That night, I went onto Amazon and bought a copy, and over the next few travel days, I read it. He weaves an incredible and accurate story of a past life of iniquity, his escape and subsequent metamorphosis.

As the former “landlord” in his story, I attest to the truth of it. Though his physical change seems incredible, how he made it happen is an even more amazing subject. If you feel like you need to be in shape, read his book and you’ll likely decide you want it.

Jeremy’s book is available at Amazon in dead-tree or eBook form.

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