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Tree Felling – Time-lapse

An oak on our property situated between our house and a neighbor’s, has been progressively leaning, causing us to worry about it falling during a storm. Its roots were affecting our foundation, and it had a decaying hole from a branch that broke off years ago. All in all, an …

Snow Leopard HTML Signatures Wrinkle

Molecular Media has re-branded, and with this comes new HTML signatures. Most of our users are on a recent version of MacOS X, which has a fairly straightforward – but user hostile – method of adding HTML signatures. A couple, though, are holdouts on Snow Leopard due to Parallels not …

Mark Granning Retires

Last week, I attended an awards ceremony for CATCOM, my alma-mater Lakewood High School’s magnet program for technology. CATCOM was started a couple of years after I graduated by Mark Granning, the teacher responsible for my success in media and technology. He retired at the end of the ceremony, handing …

Simeon Rice is a Mac User

Today I was at the International Plaza Genius Bar getting an estimate to repair an eMac I own whose analog board is giving up the ghost.

There’s about 10 people listed in the queue, and there’s one Genius helping people one at a time. About fifteen minutes into my wait time, a second Apple Genius comes striding out of the back room and walks toward the front of the store. He then comes back with a large, fit gentleman and a couple of friends.

Lose Fat, Not Faith

Read about my good friend Jeremy Likness, and his epic journey from an overweight, out-of-shape, self-described “loser” to the sleek, fit, award winner he is today.