Mark Granning Retires

Last week, I attended an awards ceremony for CATCOM, my alma-mater Lakewood High School’s magnet program for technology. CATCOM was started a couple of years after I graduated by Mark Granning, the teacher responsible for my success in media and technology. He retired at the end of the ceremony, handing the keys to his successor.

Here’s a video I shot. It’s handheld, so it’s kinda shaky.

Thank you, Mark, for pushing me as hard as you did. You instilled in me the understanding that I can learn to do anything, as quickly as possible, in order to support live production.

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  • Gotta love Granning! Thanks for posting this! Back in 1984, he wrote an amazing compliment in my yearbook and I recently ran across it. (I’d been president of FSPA, the editor-in-chief of the “Centurion” (2 years) and “Paragon Literary Magazine” and also copy editor for yearbook.) He helped define my entire high school experience because of all of the effort and hours that he put into all of us. It was great to see he that he had such a good send off! Best teacher ever! 🙂


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