Tree Felling – Time-lapse

An oak on our property situated between our house and a neighbor’s, has been progressively leaning, causing us to worry about it falling during a storm. Its roots were affecting our foundation, and it had a decaying hole from a branch that broke off years ago. All in all, an unhealthy tree, an assessment borne out by the cross-section of some of the trunk.

The thing was probably a bit older than the house, so probably 25-30 years old. It was large enough to require a special permit to remove. We’ll be sad that the shade it provided won’t keep that side of our house cool anymore, but we’re now safer for storm season.

The crew from Two Men and a Chainsaw did an amazing job. Watching their cutter was like watching ballet, but with chunks of wood that could crush you.

I did a time-lapse of most of the tree removal, which you can watch all the way up to 4k.

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