Simeon Rice is a Mac User

Today I was at the International Plaza Genius Bar getting an estimate to repair an eMac I own whose analog board is giving up the ghost.

There’s about 10 people listed in the queue, and there’s one Genius helping people one at a time. About fifteen minutes into my wait time, a second Apple Genius comes striding out of the back room and walks toward the front of the store. He then comes back with a large, fit gentleman and a couple of friends.


After realizing some content was falling off the site due to article limits I placed on the listings in Textpattern, I added some navigational goodness.

Hell Month is Over

Maybe this month will be a little quieter, but I actually hope not – working so much doing things I love, in a manner that directly affects companies I have ownership in, is extremely gratifying.

Site Changes

My site style grabs a new image from my Gallery every hour to use in the header. In the past, I used a hacked version of the block_random.php from Gallery 1, which output what I needed to files which are then read in by the CSS. Unfortunately, the new random image block in Gallery2 doesn’t behave the same way.

Lose Fat, Not Faith

Read about my good friend Jeremy Likness, and his epic journey from an overweight, out-of-shape, self-described “loser” to the sleek, fit, award winner he is today.

I Have a Lot of Junk

This is one of those pointless blog posts where you want to keep up the momentum, but you have nothing to write about.

And, really, it’s all about the momentum, isn’t it? Gaining inertia is hard, and I really do have a lot of junk. …

Tea, Wondrous Tea

Tea has an extremely long history, even in my own life. I remember vividly my maternal grandfather making the rich Ceylon teas he’d bring back from his travels. I never drank them then – they seemed an adult beverage to me. Yet I was fascinated by the process, the tradition, the smells.

No-calorie Sweetening

I’m lazy. I don’t exercise, but I should. I’m getting a tire ’round my middle, and I want it to go away.

Many have said that cutting your intake of high-fructose corn syrup will make you shed the pounds pretty quickly. I believe this to be true.

Many Moons Ago

Back when Mac OS X was young, and Apple hadn’t yet settled on their toolchain, wget was included as a CLI tool for getting files from URLs. When 10.1 came around, wget disappeared in favor of cURL . I have no idea if there were internal political reasons at Apple …

The Ierna Family

The Ierna family is a large and extended one. We originally hailed from Sicily. I’m not much of a genealogist, but I gather that my paternal great grandparents were straight off the boat. Their listings can be found on the Ellis Island site. You can find pictures of the family …

Site fixed, Face Broke.

Site Fixed I spent a few hours Monday night to Tuesday morning to finally fix the layout of the site. Many moons ago, I thought I had it fixed , but it turns out that I didn’t have the columns sticking to the bottom of the screen still. After rigorous …

Four Wheelin…

Cabo San Lucas, being a tourist destination, has a great many activities available. At Jerry’s spur-of-the-moment suggestion, Andrew booked us on an all-terrain-vehicle tour…

Gone Fishin’…

While in Cabo, my business partners and I went game fishing. A short water-taxi ride brought us to a 28-foot fishing boat which ferried us up and down the Cabo coast, about a mile out…